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The heart behind it all.

In 2014 my family lost a very dear family member. My brother-in-law, Shawn Kuykendall, lost his brave fight to a very rare and aggressive cancer.  The transition was a short eight months from being completely healthy to standing face to face with Jesus.  As a way to remember him, the first thing I turned to was photos.


These moments frozen in time are a reminder of who he was and the photographs are what I show my daughters in my attempt to help them to always remember their "Uncle Donny".  My youngest was only 2 at the time of his passing, (I don't remember anything at that age) and these photos help her remember those sweet moments when they shared a Coke and ate fruit snacks while watching Dora the Explorer together. 


The summer after he passed away, my husband bought me a camera for my birthday and told me to capture moments while also being a part of them. I haven't stopped since. 


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